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How to choose a safe

Safes can be used to store, data, documents, valuables, and or cash. In choosing a safe you should consider the following:

Size of items: This will help you determine the minimum internal dimensions of the safe. So measure the items, bearing in mind the door will be smaller than the internal space and you might want a shelf, or extra valuables at a later date.

Will it be recognised by my insurers? The Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS) are the UK's safe accreditation body. The AiS is a respected body in the insurance industry and because of this most insurance companies will insist on your safe being AiS approved. Some of our safes have additional accreditation such as: 'Sold Secure', Secured by Design and EN14450-S2 or above. (See table below). Many safes bought on-line do not meet these requirements.

Cash RatingCover for CashCover for Valuables
£1K Cash Rating£1,000£10,000
£2K Cash Rating£2,000£20,000
£3K Cash Rating£3,000£30,000
£4K Cash Rating£4,000£40,000
£5K Cash Rating£5,000£50,000

Also, for the insurance to be valid, the safe will need to be properly fixed into position. This is a service which we offer to all our customers.

Value of items to be stored: Safes normally have a cash rating which goes from £1000 to £100,000. This means the safe is insured to hold cash up to that rating. Valuables such as jewellery are insured for 10 times the cash rating. So, a £6000 cash rated safe is insured for up to £60,000 of jewellery. (see table below).

 Also, there are several European Standards which are a more common requirement for higher value application and typically business / retail premises.  This comprises of two levels of EN14450, and 7 grades of EN1143-1.

European StandardEquivalent Cash Rating
EN-14450 S1£2k Cash Rating
EN-14450 S2£4k Cash Rating
EN-1143-1 Grade 0£6k Cash Rating
EN-1143-1 Grade 1£10k Cash Rating
EN-1143-1 Grade 2£17.5k Cash Rating
EN-1143-1 Grade 3£35k Cash Rating
EN-1143-1 Grade 4£60k Cash Rating
EN-1143-1 Grade 5£100k Cash Rating
EN-1143-1 Grade 6£150k Cash Rating

Type of item: Do you need to store data media, cash, valuables, documents or a mixture and if so do you require fire protection.

Location: Do you want a wall safe, under floor or free standing safe and is your chosen place suitable, e.g. is it a solid floor or wall for fixing to, will the door open freely, will it be obvious to visitors, can you get to it easily enough for regular access?

Locking options: For most purposes, we would normally specify a key operated, or electronic push-button keypad. You can further specify a mechanical dial, an electronic lock, biometric lock, or a mixture of these together with advanced features such as 'time delay' or 'audit trail'.

If you are not sure which safe would best meet your needs, we will be happy to discuss your requirements, either in the shop where you can see the quality and try the different options, or by phone, or for the higher rated safes in the privacy of your home.